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    Default Hey

    Hello all im new to these forums, and ive only played tdu for about a month now but i thought i might aswell sign up on here see what's goin on.


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    sit back and enjoy the rest of the flight.

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    Welcome! Beware of the Nuggets

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.
    TDUC PC Club find out more and how to join|Twitter @TDUCentralClub

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    whats up? enjoy your stay and watch for diablo!

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    hello there fella, sit back and relax while eating some cold mushy popcorn and drinking some hot soda.

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    welcome, what platform you playing on?

    not smug, but proud owner of a DFP.

    i'm happy with it!

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    Hello and welcome to weird and wonderful place home to nuggets and sane people alike. Hope you enjoy your stay and try not to turn to the dark side

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    Hi there >Lee< welcome to TDUc, sit down relax, grab yourself a bear and get comfortable.
    I'm a bit mental.

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    Im playing it on the pc, ill put my pc specs in my sig crap CPU tho lol, spec should be there now
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