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    Question V8's

    Hey guys. Kinda bored right now. This has questioned me for a long time.

    I've always wanted to know why American V8 engines have that same rumble noise. I thought that because maybe the it has 8 cylinders V mounted but the Italians have V8's too but don't have that rumble you get from American V8's. Italian V8's have that high pitch sound.

    Enlighten me.

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    in short American V8s are normally a bigger litre-age (cc) and don't rev to the same rpm as an italian V8 - higher rpm higher noise

    in detail though engine noise is effected by:

    bore and stroke (which combined determines capacity cc/litre/c in)
    rev limit (which will be effected by the bore and stroke)
    cylinder firing order - and in turn which cylinders feed which exhaust if you have more than one exhaust pipe
    exhaust - length of pipes, number of muffler boxes (and their size) pipe diameter, where/how the exhaust is mounted to the car and if they add any clever baffles to 'tune' the noise

    well that's just a few of the variables ... sorry can't think of much else ... I don't design engines!
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    Whatever it is, I think American V8s sound better than Italian V8s

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