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    Default An idea I just thought of

    I was thinking while playing TDU, I haven't played it for months.

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a motorbike race around Ford Island anti clockwise (when you enter instead of turning left or going straight on onto the big straight you turn right.) across say PC and Xbox platforms.

    Only 1 person gets each bike and it could be say, 5/6 bikes in each one.

    It would have to be fair (no cutting corners etc).

    This is my idea of a shedule.
    1. Heats of 4-6 people with 5 laps, the grids are randomly generated (calculator Random mode).
    2. The 2-3 fastest (amount of people enter decides the amount that enter) combine (if just 6 people you get a Grand Final) and if 4-6 on each grid then a Semi Final. Then the top 3 of the Semi finals go into the final.
    3. 1st 2nd and 3rd don't get prizes. Its just some fun.

    I was thinking instead of having the races on the multi player thing we race on just on standard style. And to do something different we do rolling starts by this.

    1. A car leads the bikes around the circuit slowly for 1 lap, when it gets onto the start/finish straight the bikes go into 2 single files (odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right) and then the car pulls in at the statues and the race is off!

    If anyone has any ideas or they would be interested, please post here.


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