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  1. CarboyZR1 is offline Asian
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    Default Question: Should I get ProStreet?

    My friend has been begging me to get NFS ProStreet, but I'm not sure if I should. I just wanted to know your opinions and stuff.

  2. Diablo is offline I'm Delicious!
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    I would say no but that's because I hate EA and also dislike the direction NFS took after Hot Pursuit 2. It does have some very nice cars in it, the sounds are decent but the physics are quite lacklustre and the fact they call it Grip Racing just annoys the hell out of me as it's going to start popping up everywhere with kids that no nothing about Circuit Racing.

    To sum it up though NFS without Police and pursuits isn't NFS to me.
    I'm a bit mental.

  3. Baltoman is offline Baby Vipah :D
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    don't get it, u will regret it trust me, tell your friend NO

  4. CptDarknuggets is offline 200 Angry Clydesdales
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    It is just a great big dog turd polished to a sheen. It is shiny but you know it is still a turd.

  5. Tuph is offline Drifting Ledgend
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    It's the lamest game every.
    The drifting isn't realistic and it slows down before a corner.

    It's a turd sandwich mixed with a Giant douche`

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