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    Question G25 help for noob

    anyone who has G25 on pc how can i make it work in TDU???

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    Download the latest G25 software from here... making sure you get the right operating system of course.

    install and run it...

    once open, set the g25 as default device in the profiler, then click "options" and "global device settings" click defaults, then select your desired degrees of rotation (slider)...

    run tdu

    go through all the test drive unlimited key config screens and set them up to how you want them. except the following...

    car gear up - has to be the metal paddles at the back of the wheel
    car gear down - has to be the metal paddles at the back of the wheel

    bike gear up - has to be the metal paddles at the back of the wheel
    bike gear down - has to be the metal paddles at the back of the wheel

    the reason for this is the the g25 when used with test drive unlimited, means than any sequential gearbox cars in the game use the paddles and the h-shifter and the 2nd mode on the shifter wont work.

    when setting up options in tdu itself be sure to set linearity to max and enable the wheel / h-shifer & maunal gearbox settings...

    also adjust the forcefeedback slider to your desired level, recommend no less than half way tbh

    any problems post em...

    BTW if you get bored of tdu use the g25 to drive the cars on battlefield2 or set the peddles on the g25 to rotate the bf2 choppers left and right using the profiler to assign key strokes, just like turning a chopper in real life eh ?
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    If I ever do get a G25 this will be a cool topic to look back at as it looks complicated


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