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    Quote Originally Posted by Milli »
    If any Forza person here who never played GT5, and eventually get to play, i would like to read their opinions... even, if they dislike it.
    A friend of mine has a PS3, so during this weekend's queensday festivities I stayed at his place during the nights. Eventually, he got me to play GT5 with him, after assuring me my Shelby GT350 witch I loved from GT4 was still in

    Anyway: we started out, on the 'Ring. I started out in bumper cam, noticing how the surroundings lookd a bit "pixelated", or low-poly, but that has been known and discussed. We went around, and I just couln't keep the Shelby in a straight line. I though the controller was quite "loose", causing me to not have any feel of direction whatsoever. Then I made a mistake and switched to exterior view. The window around the door was pixelated, and you could really tell that it had been imported from GT4. this is fully the damage of PD wanting to get the game out asap thus not taking the time to make all cars HD. Witch has to be mentioned, because drifting in a good looking '71 Mustang over one of the dirt/snow stages is just plain awesome, as is the day/night cyclus.

    About the physics, I can say that although they did seem a bit dead to me since GT4(understeer in said Shelby), it felt a bit better, but it was like driving an RC car to me, wich may be the effect milli experienced with playing FM4, being used to one and then switching to the other.

    Overall, I have to say that GT5 does a really good job at capturing the physics and driving aspect of real life.... but that's the only thing it's good at. the looks, sounds, upgrade system and tracks can use some serious upgrading, wich is where FM4 stands out miles...

    Now if you don't mind, I'll get in my Jeep and watch for flak.

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    Gt5 = Game
    Forza 4 = Game
    Not really going to take you anywhere in life ...
    Enough said
    i may of missed something because i didnt bother reading the essays on each game that have been posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milli »
    I actually never wanted to make a fuss...
    But surely you knew that it would given past experiences with talking about the two games?

    before it gets out of hand... again.

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