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    Default Discovery on Hawaii!!

    I decided to try and 100% discovery on all areas in the game. I got Ibiza down and Hawaii 3 and 4 down.
    I have spent about a week trying to find all the roads and now I am down to 1% for both area 1 and 2. Does anyone have tips for finding the last few pieces of road? What was your last road?
    Thanks in advance.
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    That 1% is quite an amount, I can't remember which area is which but check dirt roads if there is any in those areas and also dead ends as they are easy to miss.
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    Will do, Ill ready my Lancia Stratos.
    Cars In TDU2 are like bricks with wings, not exactly graceful.

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    Some bits of road I remember missing seemed like they were literally about 15 feet long. What I did was zoom in pretty much at the max and just pan around the area.

    It's painstaking, I know, but that's how I found the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoobSTi »
    It's painstaking, I know, but that's how I found the road.
    It is painstaking but there is nothing else you can do really once you get to the point where you are only missing one or two roads. I remember doing it in TDU1 for the first time and TDU2 wasn't any different I don't think.

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    Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend.
    I remember discovering the roads in TDU1, It was this on ramp that was under a section of a highway. I had to zoom in to maximum to find it. I wish that they would be slightly more accurate about the percent discovered. A 99.7% would be nice, or even 996/1000 miles.

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    Got area 1. It was literally a piece of road 15 meters long... Now for area 2! Thanks for the tips, I forgot what I did with TDU1

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    And Area 2, Events, photo ops, and the wrecks. Got my explorer gear! Thanks guys!
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    Sometimes when offroading you tend to cut corners, which can sometimes be enough to miss a bit, esp near intersections.

    I did the whole zoomed in panning thing a few times and never found the last 1% for one of the O'ahu areas.

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    I got 100% in TDU 1 once and then my savegame got corrupt... -_- , I did it by panning around.
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    TDU2 Hawaii Area 2 99% missing 1% (just in case: for google people)
    Yesterday i started to discovery each 1% missing on Hawaii in each Area. Yesterday i found 1% of Hawaii Area 1,3,4 by
    scrolling just over the map.
    I missed a on way to a highway. some roads in circle on a hill. A small street in the capital town (below right town).
    Maybe some other i couldn't remember today.
    Yesterday i thought i would discover 1% of Hawaii Area 2 missing road too, but i was totally wrong. So i researched the

    internet for specific locations i might have missed like on ibiza the road to the fuelstation after the tunnel without
    success. I got just 2 spots for Hawaii Area 2 missing roads, both releated to the shipping yard. i did allready everything
    blue there, i viewed them allready, one for sure.

    So i made things other people did to find there last 1%
    i borderd the hawaii area 2 with bookmarks to stay in the bounds.
    i tried to move as close and scroll, but this is pretty boring after a second of slowly scrolling . so
    i tried to move as far as i could to circle the mouse above the area to see the mouse to become red and finding my missing road as
    other did, but without luck.

    My missing road was to tiny.

    So today i thought about other solutions to find my missing road. And i tried following:
    Hello : Fraps, Hello Photoshop.
    First i did a lot of screenshots from the Bookmarked bounded area 2 with zooming level 2 (standard zoom). 121 in all.
    Than i created a local profil to get the gray value of the roads. I get on ibiza the RGB: 155,155,155

    So i opened Photoshop, after researching the internet: how to replace that Gray(RGB) color with some fresh purple color
    to find my missing road i did this at photoshop:

    1: open one screenshot
    2: duplicate layer of (indized picture) : just to be able to paint to
    3: made a 1px (Gray RGB : 155,155,155) in the black top border (important 1px else it will not mark similar pixels)
    4: marked the 1px gray with the magic wand. (Settings for magic wand: no toleranz , no antialising , no neighbours, default

    selection/adding method(1))
    5: created a blank layer
    6: switched color to purple
    7: expanded the sourround areas by 10px
    8: filled the areas with purple.

    after 10 pics i thought : mhhh photoshop offers for similar actions a record functionality: so i recorded my actions an tried

    to use it on the upcoming 110 pics to be a bit sooner finished.
    Next pic and action , hey whats going on instead of purple cool balls on the pic i discovered just a gray border as if expected a black border
    i tried photoshop 7 and cs2, both did this.

    so i researched the internet for an alaternative method/tool to replace a specific color of an image and found this tool.

    Easy Color Replacer
    Yeah it saved my day. i put in the RGB Value from Ibiza and put in the RGB value of purple to the other field inserted a

    prefix for the newly images and hit convert.

    I copied all the newly pictures to a new folder and viewed them. but did not see any purple inside one of the picture. maybe
    i did not made a screenshot of the missing road. haha what a luck 121 pictures without the missing road on one of them.

    so i came to the idea of running as long as it would take to drive arround in the bounds from bookmark to bookmark. and i had
    luck on the 4th drive from one bookmark accross to the other (20 - 40km trips) i had the gps crossing my missing road.

    i provide a screenshot of the area. you can search for yourself. i did not see it either and i definetly scrolled above it
    more than once. (standard zoom) upps im not allowed to make a link or upload pictures.

    Hello ImageServices. I make some space between the link if anybody is interested
    Blank version: search for yourself.
    h t t p : / / o i 4 1 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 9 a q z 5 w . j p g

    If you did not find like me try this: (Photoshop replaced color like described above)
    h t t p : / / o i 4 3 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 1 x y k o z . j p g

    just for completnes. After i luckily found the last peace of road i wondered why i did not get a marked purple image of the
    converted images. so i searched a snapshot of the area and picked the rgb value of the gray road on hawaii. instead of
    ibiza gray 155,155,155 it was maybe hawaii gray 147,147,147.

    so thats why i did not see a purple road on one of screenshots, but it can be depending on the time of day and/or weather conditions.
    i hope i could help someone and inspire a programmer to code a fantastic tool to replace all colors from gray to purple like the tool above with some more related functionality like:
    just convert an image if non regular grayspot is in image (possible road).
    covering all gray values which might be possible

    post it here, you will be loved by me and others

    As the pictures might be vanishing first. i will tell you what road i missed. It was in the area2 on top in the middle , there are parallel streets from north to south (not highways) connect by 3 cars length connections. i missed one of them

    Good luck everybody in finding your personal 1% on hawaii maybe area2

    cool attachments work, so the pictures are :
    MyMissingRoadHawaiiArea2_1.jpg :: Search yourself pic
    MyMissingRoadHawaiiArea2_2.jpg :: If you do not find
    Attached Images Attached Images   
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