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    Unhappy just a question.

    if your xbox360 stands on its side does it break!?
    how do you record videos and put them on youtube with your xbox360
    how do you put pictures on your computer from your xbox360
    how do you get hardcore mode on test drive unlimited

    i know thease are noob questions.
    i just want to know.
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    Hey now that's a misleading title!

    Right answers here we go:

    1) From what I have heard, no but ventilation is apparently better when it's horizontal and not vertical.
    2) You need either a camcorder, DVD-Recorder or a Capture Card in your PC. I wrote a guide in the Video section in this forum.
    3) Due to Atari and Eden never bothering to finish that community site you need to extract the Photo file to a Memory Unit or XSATA device (search for Datel) and then use 2 pieces of software to then extract and convert this file into your images.
    4) Hardcore mode must be bought from the Marketplace for 160 MSP and then it will become available to you on the main menu when you reach Champion level.

    Hope that helped!
    I'm a bit mental.

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    thank you so much again.
    how would we live without you.



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