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    Judging by the avatar and posted specs, I'd like to assume he's got what I've got.

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    Ah, I've got all of that stuff hidden

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    VW Passat 1.8T
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    apparently mine should get there in about 8.5 seconds and have a top speed of about 220kph

    i got 225 kph (140mph) earlier so i guess it could still do that time
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    My car is misfiring right now , no videos for me
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    This was actually from last year I think... 1/8th mile dragway. I don't remember the exact trap speed but it's usually around 79-81 MPH or so. My best time ever was ~8.8 s.

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.
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    Didn't know about this thread, goes to show how little I browse outside of my subs...

    (Friend's iPhone video)

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    I see a Fiesta ST!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prophecy »
    I see a Fiesta ST!
    This one


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    Back from August this year, when I managed to get sub 15's from the Lexus on the 1/4 mile!

    I'd done some weight saving compared to the times i'd been before, which included:
    - Running on 1/4 of a tank rather than a full tank (Keep in mind it's a 85 Liter tank!)
    - Having the boot only 1/4 filled. Normally have everything from a toot kit, oil, fully 20 Ltr Jerry can, random junk...everything bar the kitchen sink really. (Its a big boot remember)
    - No spare tyre. It's a full sized alloy.
    It was done running on normal UK spec RON95, in the dry, but the strip is an old WW2 airfield and the surfice is't the best for grip.

    Next time will be running on super unleaded, running ON the red on the fuel tank, (With the 20 Ltr Jerry can at hand, just not in the car), the boot fully empty and even going as far as using masking tape to help the aero. Even joked about letting a friend of mine drive it as he's a good 4 stone lighter than me!

    For a 2 tonne 90's luxury saloon car, im impressed!
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