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    Default Tag hoppers

    I mainly play in the tag hoppers online. And the track selection is pretty limited at the moment.
    So I've penned a thread at basically asking for some new tracks.

    I spend a lot of my online time in the Tag(Virus) hoppers. for many reasons.
    Mainly because there's little stress (except for the few that can't handle being tagged) and when the objective is to get caught it doesn't matter so much if you get binned by a chimp at the first corner. There are always folk who take it too seriously but they tend to upset everyone and get kicked quite quickly.

    Currently though the track selection is quite limited with a couple that have horrendous choke points that are abused by 'unskilled' (for want of a better word) players. The tunnel on the Bernese Alps and the bridge at Sebring are particularly bad as it only takes 2 people to block the entire track. Fair enough, but it should be harder to tag someone than by just sitting still... there should be a bit of a chase imo.

    There are some brilliant tracks in Forza that would work really well, so here are the tracks that I'd like to see added or removed:

    • Iberian- mini or short... hell even the full circuit would be pretty good. They were great in FM3
    • Camino Viejo- Short. The mini was good fun in FM3, however the short lends itself to tag much better
    • Bernese Alps- remove the Festival Circuit (tunnel) and add Stadplatz and/or Club.
    • Ladera Test- Full circuit is good but would be nice to play on the Short circuit too. The mini also has some ace features that work real well in tag.
    • Road Atlanta- Club
    • Benchmark- Layout A is very open and has some brilliant features to play with.
    • TR Motegi- West Circuit worked well in FM3
    • Hockenheim- is good, but I think the Short or National circuits would work better.
    • Catalunya- School

    These are just my suggestions. If I've not mentioned tracks in the current lineup its because already think they're good... even the speedway tracks offer a nice change of pace and require different tactics (except the Indianaplois Brickyard, which has too much 'Narnia Carpet')
    All the other hoppers have had lineup changes, so it would be real nice to see some of that attention in the 'playground' too. Please

    If you agree an/or have anyother suggestions it would be great to get some support for it over there.
    The more support it has means it more likely to happen

    Thanks in advance

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    People actually play tag in public lobbys online?

    I don't really like the public lobbys, always find it too easy to get away (right car and tune = easy get-a-way )

    But, since it's you, I'll post in that thread tomorow

    Click for Gallery

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    Nice one Flo.
    Basically I just want to see some new/different tracks in the hoppers.
    I rarely go to the user created tag matched because they're always set to R classes.


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