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    Default Where to start..

    So I kind of started to miss TDU2 a bit after giving it a 7 month break. I heard about the DLC2 news and what not, and I am actually quite interested in how that turns out (if it ever comes out). So I decided to reinstall TDU2 last night and setup my G27 for some cruising with the SLS. And the first problem I encounter is.... the game won't activate... I mean wtf, like I install it fine, but as soon as I get to activate it with my LEGAL CD KEY that I have had since the game came out, I get the "this game has been activated too many times bla bla bla". Which leads me onto secureROM's website. Then I filled in a form which was asking for the game key and some unlock key which I handed to them and described the issue I was having. They also "forced me" into installing some diagnostic software to scan my computer for errors and what not, then to provide them with the file it made.

    So I did all that, and the reply I got last night was this:

    "Thank you for your e-mail.

    It appears that you have exceeded your activation limit. Unfortunately, we are
    unable to increase your activation limit and have been advised by the software
    publisher to direct users with these inquires directly to them.

    You can find a list of publishers by clicking on the following link:

    If you have any further questions, please let us know.

    Best regards,"

    So now I had to go to Atari and fill in another stupid form with pretty much THE SAME information I already provided to secureROM. The response from atari was even worse by the way. This is what I got in return:


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    In order for us to provide a replacement key for your product, we ask that you please perform the following steps below and reply to this ticket once completed.

    Please either scan or take a digital picture of one of the following items:

    * The front of the game CD or...
    * The game manual showing the CD keys (if available) or...
    * The sales receipt
    * The invoice received by email of your digital purchase
    * If purchased thru provide the Digital River receipt and transaction number"

    Also include

    * Game title
    * Full name (first and last)
    * Display name (if available)
    * Mailing Address
    * Date the customer support ticket was submitted
    * The ticket number associated with this ticket

    Sorry but wtf ? Who the hell keeps a receipt for a game they bought from a shop like... 2 years ago ? ( I don't accurately even remember when this came out.) So now I will be providing what I can from that list and see how that goes.

    Sorry if this bores you but I thought I will share the stupid issues Im having with this "great" game.

    to be continued....

    - eXile

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    Maybe it will make you feel better if I tell you that this seems to be common practice amongst game publishers. My Guild Wars account got disabled one day, and I had to send over ten emails before they re-enabled it. In every email I asked why they disabled it in the first place but I never got any answer. But finally, after giving them details about my whole entire life and sending in pictures of the receipts, the game boxes, my cat and my genitals they finally gave back access.

    Good luck!
    What drama! Apparently the Wilder brothers are squabbeling with Stuart again. stfu

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    Its been over 2 weeks now mate, after 10 emails no reply what so ever, and now my friend felt bad for me and gifted me a copy of it on Steam. No idea why he did it, I mean the game is a total mess after this new patch i hear. They ruined all the game sounds, made all this new dlc "payed for" when all cars sound like hoovers, and to finish it off Atari style it breaks your game the first couple of times with #ERROR 5 after downloading all day at 20kb/s.

    Atari/Eden should really sell this game to someone like EA who knows how to make games. That's all I can say.

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    sorry to hear that mate . they're digging their own grave. This can't go on forever.

    btw I'm having issues with it too , yesterday I've got an error in the middle of the update.
    This morning tried to launch the game (I've got the steam version) , had another error . Tried to verify files now it keeps saying the game is not available.
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    My download finished tonight so I was able to try the new patch. Your friend was right, all the car sounds were changed and sound worse than the old diesel engine of my Opel.
    Bikes are kind of fun to drive, but are 80 Atari tokens each. Also, some of the normal (i.e. non-DLC) versions were removed. So at the Audi dealer I can now only buy the Q7 Inuit Edition but no longer the standard edition.

    I didn't think you could make this game any worse, but somehow they did...
    What drama! Apparently the Wilder brothers are squabbeling with Stuart again. stfu

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    redownloaded the game today, got a new error
    An error occurred while installing components.
    Please check your permissions to access files on the directory "d:\programfiles\steam\steamapps\common\test drive unlimited 2\", then restart the update.

    If the problem persists, contact Atari technical support.

    [ERROR #04]

    trust me it has nothing to do with permissions :P


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