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    Exclamation Battlefield 3 Title Update 27/3/12

    MASSIVE update coming out on the 27th on PS3. Xbox 360 and PC later.

    Very excited about this.

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    Ooh that does sound promising, I do still enjoy a go on BF3 at time I have to say. I read most of that but didn't see it saying that close hit FRAG rounds would result in killing the player firing them, did I miss this or is it still going to be the same?

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    Oh, so PS3 patches are also timed exclusives?

    I enjoy the game as it is now, even though it may not seem like it with all the shouting. I'm just a shouty person.

    The frag rounds now do less splash damage, so hopefully they'll only kill you if they actually hit you as they've also slowed down the rate of fire. I think they've also reduced the clipsize when using frag rounds with the USAS and MK. It'll not stop people using them but at least they shouldn't be such a pain in the arse anymore.

    I'm also unsure as to how taking down aircraft will be now as in some aspects they've made it easier, yet in other ways they've made it much harder.

    Separated into it's own thread too.

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    Imho it just ruins the game for me because they're reducing the effiency of jets & helicopters...

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    Not really, they're not overpowered, they just have way too much protection.

    A jet was coming full speed towards my tank, I hit it with a shell from the main gun and all I got was a "vehicle disabled". He could still fly it like normal, albeit with a little trail of smoke. Sorry but a tank shell would blow a jet into millions of pieces. It's the same with helicopters too.

    If a helicopter was to get hit by a single rocket, it wouldn't be able to carry on flying properly, let alone carry on flying after 2 or 3 rockets have hit it.

    They're making it so tanks are a bit easier to blow up as they're currently hard to destroy sometimes. So why not aircraft?

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    Well, I'm okay with tank shells & rpgs getting 1-hit kills of them but now it takes just 1 hit from a stinger to disable your copter or a jet, second hit will destroy it so if you're playing by yourself without a repairman, they're pretty much useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camel  
    Oh, so PS3 patches are also timed exclusives?
    they have nothing to cheer for so EA decided to give them some pity.

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