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  1. TimBud is offline brmm
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    Default March Pirelli Car Pack

    Yowser... for once I'm looking forward to an FM4 car pack

    • 2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato (Villa d’Este)
    • 1971 Ferrari #2 Ferrari Automobili 312 P
    • 2012 Ultima GTR
    • 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 396
    • 2010 Renault Clio RS
    • 1966 Ford Country Squire
    • 1995 BMW 850CSi
    • 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6
    • 2011 Wiesmann GT MF5
    • 1969 Chevrolet Corvair Monza

    Can't wait to runover some strumpets and hobbos in the Perennial.
    Especially can't wait for the BMW 850CSi
    I do also like the Wiesmann, but I won't be able to bring myself to drive it because of its horrendous butt.
    Clio RS should be good for playtime shenanigans too;
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  2. iNotACactus is offline Car Aficianado
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    A perfectly "meh" car pack - the obligatory minimum 2 racecars, 2 muscle cars, 3 cars people might actually like and then whatever they feel like modeling. Would be looking forward to the Zagato if it were the homologation model, but no, they put in the racing model as if that class doesn't have 9001 cars already. Not to mention the Weismann, looks the same as the one already in FM4 and will probably drive like it as well. Then there's the Corvair, with a whopping 110hp! Personally I'm looking forward to the BMW 850CSi, Clio, Alfa, and possibly the Country Squire. Overall though, a bit of a disappointment imo.


  3. Ken
    Ken is offline Fiero and G35 owner
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    The only cars in this pack that tickled my fancies are the V12 Zagato and the 850i.

  4. Paladin Skylark is offline Stark
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    I like 'em all.
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  5. Flo
    Flo is offline Just skate!
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    I SPOTTED A BMW all the other cars apear crap though

    Click for Gallery

  6. calster17 is offline Resident rubbish car fan.
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    The Alfa GTV is topped my box! As I remember....
    Quote Originally Posted by CarbonCactus »
    Its not the same car, but close enough for me!

    As for the rest? The BMW is a a maybe for me, and the Clio RS...but I'm guessing that'll be the Free DLC so wont have to pay! The Ultama is also really tempting, but knowing the physics for cars of R'll no doubt be undrivable for me! :/

    I'm with Gaga here, really meh! They really should do more Euro stuff, classic hot hatch's are not limited to the VW Golf! Pug 205 1.9GTi Please!

    Still, least It means I keep my points for 1 car in the next pack!
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    I did a 1100 mile round trip to get drunk and push cars out of a muddy field, 10/10 would do again
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  7. Flo
    Flo is offline Just skate!
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    I am holding my heart for the ''rumoured'' yellowbird

    here's some pictchas:

    my opinion:
    2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato (Villa d’Este): I wish we can take the spoiler of this thing

    1971 Ferrari #2 Ferrari Automobili 312 P: It's a ferrari, it's a racecar, meh.

    2012 Ultima GTR: My bad I didn't know about this car, sounds promising

    1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 396: I hate american muscle cars, this one is no exception

    2010 Renault Clio RS: Could be fun

    1966 Ford Country Squire: LOL, atleast it's another station.

    1995 BMW 850CSi: It's a BMW, I love those.

    1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6: Photoshoot material

    Wiesmann GT MF5: lolwut? I have this one without a spoiler already

    shortly, I am looking forward to this pack, but, I better hope last pack from this season pass goes out with a bang. I still want my yellowbird
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    Click for Gallery

  8. Camel is offline Legendary Classic
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    I wish the ultimate edition would hurry up.

  9. T1M
    T1M is offline ♥ MX-5 ♥
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    Another pretty bad pack IMO. The Aston, Clio and Bimmer do sound nice though.

  10. hassan1995 is online now ( •_•)( •_•)>⌐■-■(⌐■_■)
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    Let me guess the zagato is going to be the pack exclusive car

  11. Flo
    Flo is offline Just skate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hassan1995 »
    Let me guess the zagato is going to be the pack exclusive car
    Since it was featured most in this trailer,

    Click for Gallery

  12. hassan1995 is online now ( •_•)( •_•)>⌐■-■(⌐■_■)
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    Quote Originally Posted by flo »
    Since it was featured most in this trailer,
    I predicted the car 4 weeks ago i should get it free

  13. The Compensator is offline Future heel&toe historian
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    I only like Clio and 8er. Meh pack.

  14. Prophecy is offline Car Aficianado
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    I like pretty much everything.

    Aston Zagato- (yes the regular non spoilered up one would be nice, but oh well, at least one of them is in right?)
    Ferrari 312P- Haaah!!!! Could be fun, I guess, I dont know what its supposed to race against though lol.
    2012 Ultima GTR- Ive never really liked these, but it could be fun.
    1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 396- :\ I think that theyve overdone the muscle car thing now, I know everyone wanted muscle cars before, but thats because there were none, the few they added straight to the game + the 10 that were day 1 dlc were probably enough, imo.
    2010 Renault Clio RS- Cant really go wrong with hot hatches.
    1966 Ford Country Squire- SO much disapoint. Why couldnt it be the Galaxy coupe?!?! Thats another muscle car i'd be happy with! Nope, we definitly need another car that is in its own class, thats there just 'for the lulz', coz its not a serious racing simulator or anything.
    1995 BMW 850CSi- YUS!
    1986 Alfa Romeo GTV-6- YUS!
    2011 Wiesmann GT MF5- GOD NO?!
    1969 Chevrolet Corvair Monza- LOLWUT, what a fugly design.
    FWD fan.
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  15. Mb
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    Maybe we can take the spoiler of the Zagato. Very nice pack

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

  16. zo6dude is offline Like My Tail Lights?
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    The Ultima GTR is freaking awesome, with the exception of the Corvair, there isn't a single car in the pack that I don't want. Now if only they did something like this for GT5..

    "Real men know how to turn right"
    - Me

  17. Flo
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    MB, it is rumoured we might actualy be able to, was going to post some links to shot comparisons off the version available for real, but I'm on the phone so not going to do that

    But who knows, with or without spoiler, can't wait.

    Still, turn 10 didn't completely blow me away with a car pack yet sadly

    Click for Gallery

  18. Speed is offline Can You Feel It?
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    I like the look of this pack, as always there are a few cars I can't help but think "Why did they bother?" but some nice cars to choose from overall

  19. Diablo is offline I'm Delicious!
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    Not a bad pack, still waiting to get the Ultimate Edition before buying the game and drive the cars that I really like.
    I'm a bit mental.

  20. PolizeiYT is offline Polizei 144 Painter
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    Beemer, cool, but the Ultima GTR I am looking forward too

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