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    Default Dakar Cancelled!!! ;(

    I heard this on the radio, on Friday, surprised noone mentoined it yet. Apparantly they were supposed to start yesterday? But due to five french people getting killed in some country, they've cancelled it (It's always them french people! [No offence Speedracer and the other french guys here d:]) I'll see if I can find some english text about it.

    EDIT: found the official site;

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    Oh no, can't they just give them all machine guns?
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    I gave up following it as one minute it was going to be stopped next they were going racing but now it's stopped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleDK »
    (It's always them french people!

    I seen it on

    Not gone well for Gumball or Dakar has it

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    The newspaper on Sunday said it was due to security reasons - that such a large event would be too tempting a target for terrorists

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    Well i wasn't going to be following it anyway but it is a shame they decided to stop it

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    Well don't they have a Disclaimer about Warnings?
    Meh, they should be more prepared.

    Thats really bummed.

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