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    Default What new features would you add?

    What the name says really!

    So Day and night? Weather? mechanical Failures?(Blowen head gaskets to wheels exploding)
    Or more Fine tuning? a 'race cockpit'(removes back seats and other unwanted stuff), pop-up light conversions(removing them for aero reasons), Engine swaps from cars not in the game?
    Or even more online modes?

    I'd like day and night on some tracks! Fujimi Kaido, night time...WIN!
    I'd also like a sort of Online lobby simaler to what GT5 has, where you can muck around before the race starts! would be great for photoshoots and such!
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    night running, fog, rain....
    headlights, dipped and full beam.

    Metallic vinyl, vinyl on windows and ability to paint stock wheels.

    Well that's all that comes to mind for now.

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    A night mode, rain, fog probably off road tracks and ... well that's all that comes to mind

    Oh and something quite impossible which is free roam which i cannot see how they would do it but it would be a nice feature

  4. The Compensator is offline Future heel&toe historian
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    Full weather, more tuning options and wheels.
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    I think a freeroam would work but on a small scale. For example all the barriers could be removed on the Camino Viejo tracks allowing multiple route choics and also access into the Ladera test track and Iberian circuits. The same could be done on the Bernese Alps and almost all the other FM4 tracks.
    I think it would be awesome for the more arcade style events (tag, etc) and could allow for 'follow the leader' type games too.

    Paint stock rims.
    Matte paint

  6. superhyper is offline mamamamamamamadness
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    Weather and night racing obviously, rallying, proper white paint for wheels, more wheels, matte paint, chrome paint for wheels, more cars, lights and open layout tracks
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    One tiny thing I'd like is for the basic interior colours to be picked. The Abarth 500 dashboard the same colour as the exterior, pick between black, grey, beige and white leather, that kind of stuff...


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