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    Quick snap of an ///M Clown Shoe I parked next to:

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    Loving that McLaren shot Kelvjy, I hadn't considered white as one of its better colours until now

    And give me that 5-series please killalldude, can't say i've ever been a fan of the clown shoe

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    After a break I decided to go spotting.
    The all new Mercedes-AMG SL65

    Gorgeous Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 Tyrannos

    Well, first white 991 GT3 RS spotted

    Finally I have managed to spot an Audi R8 V10 Plus

    Interesting spec of this Wraith

    Merlin Purple is amazing

    SLS still looks fresh after 7 years

    SLS FAB Design Gullstream

    GT3 RS for a second time
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    @killalldude The E39 M5 -- and in that colour too -- is one of my top 10 garage cars! Like Mike though, I was never that fond of the M Coupe.

    @F12Berlinetta Not a big fan of the SL design philosophy that has been going on now for what seems ages! On the other hand, I really do think the 991(.x)-gen 911 is the best Porsche design since the 993, and every model they come out with of it, gets even better. Very cool shots all-round, even like how you got the small Fiat in the background of the R8 V10. Was that deliberate?
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