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    Saw one of those a few minutes ago as well, had different rims though.

    Also saw a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, two Toyota FJ Cruisers, and a Porsche Panamera.
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    In Your Face by T0M722, on Flickr

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    Quote Originally Posted by TDUFREAK500  
    Awesome spot, The shot is ruined by the objects growing out of the car and that distracting roadworks sign though imo
    Your main concern about everyone's photography seems to be checking if there are things growing out of something

    Don't listen to him Tom, both the Scud and the SL look lovely

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    Rotary <3


    well it is something that grabs your attention and can ruin photos, even my photography teacher said that, @Tom sorry if I sounded like I was putting you down I wasn't trying to.
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    Yes, I know that teachers usually say how "things growing out of things" may ruin photos (my arts teacher used to say that aswell) but after all, imho it only looks bad if it's a portrait as there it may look dumb, because making some lampposts/traffic signs behind a bloody car disappear would be quite hard AND they belong in the street view after all

    Photography teachers are useless anyways. You gotta come up with your own way of taking photos. For me it is not thinking about trees behind a car when taking photos of it

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    Just skate!


    I saw a Fisker Karma, but, I forgot to take a picture

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    That guy...


    I saw a RS4 today and the driver was giving it some, shame that I don't mind if my car gets scratches and such on it! xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercedes-Benz  
    Cactus, you should kill the Skoda with fire.
    I likes it though! Really Struggled with the uphill that it was doing in that pic(to the right)

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    Lol, I don't mind what you think about the shot. Thanks for the tip Joshua, but there's not much I can really do about it.

    Thanks Santeri, you're the best

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    I saw a Yellow Evora when I was walking from my TAFE to the Southern Cross station, didn't take a pic of it though because my mind automatically classed it as not special enough But when he took off it sounded pretty cool

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    Rotary <3


    I saw a RS4 touring/ wagon/ whatever it is called LOL


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