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    Default confused ?

    Currently my desktop pc is out of action as im waiting for a delivery of parts for an upgrade, so im using laptop at the moment and its not very well equiped for gaming so im reading endless amounts of forums.

    over the last few days ive been watching the official patch and dlc thread over at official boards and noticed a few things, one not too bothered about discussing here tbh "give enough rope, hang themselves" is my approach to the that one. However one thing i really really cant get my head around is this one...

    Q. Why cant atari release the DLC cars that are free on other platforms, to PC users ?

    at the end of the day they free of charge, cost nothing at all. ataris rep with the PC version is for lack of a better phrase "non constructive" so giving the free DLC would surley no matter what your views are go towards helping the situatuion ten fold ?

    now tbh the cars that are free i cant really say im all together to borthered about, (ferrari fan )... but i would get them ingame anyway just for the i own it factor.

    i understand the rows about the payment of dlc, etc despite the fact i truly myself believe they were never going to be any at all on the pc. but after days of thinking about the free ones the only reason i can come up with that makes total sense at all to me, using logic as a referee is....

    ATARI dont want to accept give in to demands, that lead to more demands !


    give a tramp a cookie, hes going to want some milk !

    so with my background in these areas i find myself after my involment in tdu spilt in the community. some thank me for certain events, others hate me for them. justis life as so be it.

    but, heres why i started this thread, i want to know if someone can give me something to chew over on this topic. because i honestly from a business point of view taking the whole range of complaints into account cannot work out why atari at the very least wont supply the free DLC to all formats.

    or - maybe i already have answer it above, and im trying to con-myself in to believing its just not true ?

    WHATS YOUR VIEW ? i really honestly want to hear it...

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    I don't understand it at all. And interesting point made by kalniel (doesn't happen often, I know) and one I'd thought about myself, was that Microsoft have an 'agreement' with Atari in that the DLC is purely for Xbox and Xbox Live. As much as it is a disappointing prospect, it certainly makes sense.

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    so they could tell us - selfish people ;lol

    new ram arrived yesterday, desktop pc back online... no more slow loading times from the laptop yeahhh !!! and i now got 4gig ram, next on list is processor i think.


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