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    Maybe if I get a job this summer, I could get one and shoot driving videos with my car when I get one and I'd have time to record a vid of my Vespa too when the snow falls again
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    Just sellotape your camera to your helmet?

    I could sellotape my phone to my forehead to record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercedes-Benz »
    It makes very nice sound.
    Definately did. Stock airbox on the S1's is great.

    Getting a airbox for my S2 soon.

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

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    Speaking of cameras, I haven't used my little key-chain camera since I made that commuting video. Might make another video on the weekend driving through the forest unless it's sunny, because that camera doesn't like the sun flickering through trees

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    I guess with Mellors' video there's no point video-ing my focus Bring on the honda (as if I haven't mentioned it 100 times already)

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    Guess whose video finished uploading and processing?

    1080p there for those who want to see my Melbourne commute in all it's whatever

    GT5 music on the radio, couple of overtaking bits at the start of the motorway, an M3 who was in a hurry but never seemed to get far ahead despite all his lane changes, Melbourne CBD (city) near the end, a slow Alfa in front of me, then parking and the reverse camera I installed the other day right at the end.

    Stuck the GoPro camera to the passenger window for a better view (passengers perspective I guess).

    Let me know what you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mb »

    Still miss that car.
    Quick little b.... that! Didn't think the 106'es could hit 200. And what an awesome sound!
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    I think the holdens/fords were making more lane changes in that Didn't realise you could overtake in any lane over there?

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    Epic video there ryzza Nice driving, also, love your car!

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    Thanks guys. We overtake (or undertake) by necessity, as few people obey the (rarely enforced) "Keep left unless overtaking" law that applies to all multi-lane roads with a speed limit higher than 80kph. Since it's peak hour traffic and they believe they're going fast enough they don't bother to move over. From where the camera is you can see overtaking opportunities a lot better than what I can see from my seat.

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    Ryzza - nice! Very serene with the GT5 music. And Mb, I still love that video. So sorry (again) about the car.


    Okay, so I shot this as just a GoPro test, and figured I'd post it on here. It's nothing fancy, just a group of clips of me driving around. Hard acceleration (VTEC changeover) in the beginning, followed by some handbrake fun, and then just driving.

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

    Unlisted vid, under the LeadfootYT channel, not HRL. For sound, imagine it three times louder and twice as "detailed."


    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza
    ...Norton deleted it.
    Maybe you should return the favour to Norton.

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    Yeah the GoPro doesn't record sound too well in the car with its waterproof case, plus cars are more and more refined these days. I had the GT5 music louder than what I would call comfortable in that video

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    Came to think of this thread today when i was driving home so i filmed a bit. It's only from my phone so the video quality isn't very good.

    Also here's a bonus video i took of some snowdrifting Bad camerawork here too since i had to both hold the phone and control where i was going :P But oh well... The incident at 0:54 wasn't planned
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    RX, your link is broken.

    Guys, nice vids

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    I fixed it... i think. Works for me.

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    Why didn't I record my journey today. I could've killed a biker.

    A complete and utter moron. He decided to overtake me as I was turning off the roundabout, there is no way in hell that a bike and a car could go side by side without hitting. He just laughed at me because I had to slam the brakes on. He didn't think it was so funny when I caught up to him a mile down the road at traffic lights and got out shouting, so unfunny that he went through the red light... I know a lot of bikers aren't like that and I always give them plenty of room by moving closer to the edge of the road to let them past even if I don't need to. Most of the time I get a thanks too, but he is one biker that I do want to have a serious accident.

    Why are the police never around when tards do things like that? But they are around when I'm 1mph over the speed limit.

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    They are quite annoying, as are cyclists. Sounds like quite an infruriating moment, but I don't think I would've got to the point of getting out of my car to have a word with him. Knowing the sorts around here that would've given him a reason to find where I live and key my car or something of similar effect. A couple of hand gestures and toot of the horn is enough in most cases, luckily I've only had to do that once so far.

    My dad once did the simple thing of over-taking a bike, in a completely legitimate place when the biker was going 10MPH under the limit. The biker then sped up and followed my dad back home (only a few miles, but still), my dad pulled the car onto the drive and got out. The biker then pulled up and got off the bike and started ranting and raving, my dad just walked into the house and said "I did nothing wrong" and shut the door. Guy stood there for a few minutes banging on the door before getting the message and buggering off.

    Flipping idiots think they own the road.

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    I would've left it, but if he'd hit me and fallen off, I would be the one getting the blame for it. I wasn't just going to sit behind him at the lights with him staring at me.

    He'd also have a hard job finding the car as it's in a dead end not visible from any main roads.

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    Some bikers are complete tools, I agree. There are far too many over here that think it's okay to go over 100mph in built up areas, generally think they own the place just because they're faster than cars.

    Most bikers like to go fast when it's safe and not putting anyone at severe risk. I'm one of those bikers. If the motorway is dead straight and there's nothing behind or in front of me, then i'll properly open the bike up. More often than not touching 160mph before I lay off the juice. As soon as I see a headlight/tail light, i'll back off and return to the speed limit. Overtaking is only ever done when the person is going less than the speed limit and it's a perfectly straight road with nothing coming the other way.

    Some bikers are complete and utter tools, and deserve to have an accident. But some bikers just have bikes as a hobby and enjoy being out on them, rather than wrong siding through corners and being arses.

    Back on topic: I got a new exhaust today... I'll dig out my old camera and see if I can find a place to mount it for a short video.

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    I've never seen anyone cycle to 160mph

    Here's one I prepared earlier (2 parts, slightly sped up)


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