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  1. Margebadze is offline Exoticar Driver
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    My first test drive in mud ) not only mud, lot of mud

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    I rode up 3 mountains yesterday in the rain + fog reaching 1800 meters altitude and froze my mittens off for you guys, just to confirm that there definitely is no snow at this time of year. #FH3

  3. The Compensator is offline Future heel&toe historian
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    Not all heroes wear capes. Godspeed, @Ryzza5

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    Looks like it has been a minute since anyone posted in here, so here is a boring video of me driving a 2016 Mini Paceman Cooper S All4.

    The BMW went in for its second airbag recall and an oil service so they were kind enough to give me this thing for a few hours. I'm really not a fan of the styling of new Minis at all and I couldn't wait to get back in the BMW purely so people wouldn't look at me weirdly (apart from thinking I'm a drug dealing chav) but the Mini drove quite well. New stiff suspension and presumably run-flat tyres on the Mini made the BMW feel like a Rolls Royce when I got it back though
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    I hate the Paceman and most current Mini's styling but damn do I love their interiors. So full of character. And they are undeniably great to drive, although a bit hard suspension wise (as you said). My sister had a Cooper D (Cooper SD?) a while back and the stiff suspension was one of the main factors of why she sold it. Personally I really aspire to owning an R50/53 Mini someday.

    Naturally Hans is wet, he’s standing under a waterfall.

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    Some karting action with friends

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    Cool video Ry, thanks for posting it up. Those many racing sims have certainly honed your reflexes and reactions well.
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    Thanks mate!

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    More 'reflexes and reactions'

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