View Poll Results: What would be useful for the Community Patch v0.2?

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  • Buyable club cars

    46 46.46%
  • Buyable reward cars

    21 21.21%
  • Buyable Hot Rod

    30 30.30%
  • Buyable School Cars

    14 14.14%
  • Add hidden clothes (such as Hawai t-shirt)

    44 44.44%
  • Enable the paint and stick for all the car (by the database)

    44 44.44%
  • Enable tuning for all the car

    49 49.49%
  • Fix the Dirt of every retail cars

    25 25.25%
  • Optimize TDU2 quality settings

    64 64.65%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. Location: France | Posts: 521 |   #21



    If your wheel isn't supported by the game, please send me a PM with the ID of your wheel, we'll try (Viltsua and I) to add its compability with the game!

    To get your wheel's ID, use xbox360ce


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  3. Location: Finland | Posts: 73 |   #22
    Rusted Banger


    Yup, and if I may explain this more thoroughly, the ID we are looking for is "ProductGUID". You can download x360ce from here: Then you must connect your unsupported wheel/device and run the "x360ce.exe".

    Look for a tab with your device's name on it and click that. From there you can find the ID we need. The ID should look similar to this: "ca03046d-0000-0000-0000-504944564944" That's the ID of my Logitech Momo Racing (black), which isn't supported in TDU2 by default (it works now ).

    And if you are wondering, the older Logitech Momo Force (red) wheel is supported by default, but not this newer, black one, so we had to make the modifications.

    When you have found the ID, you can PM it to me or Speeder and we will try to make it compatible with TDU2.

  4. Location: France | Posts: 521 |   #23


    Some fixes provided by MRick!

    (for every Zonda excepted cinque and tricolore)

    Fix on Audi R8 V10.

    Also, prepare to see a car which most of the people didn't like because of its handling, this time it will have the V10 handling!

  5. Location: Drivers Paradise | Posts: 290 |   #24
    Drivers Paradise



    very nice, if there will be a community patch.
    One suggestion: Some traffic back lights are very dark and so very bad to see from distance. Parhaps that's also a good point for fixing.

  6. Location: Paris | Posts: 58 |   #25
    Rusted Banger


    Very nice initiative Speeder

    Wow, imagine a good light modding that would allow us to actually SEE cars lights ingame (ahh, to see others blinkers !). That would be ultra nice...

  7. | Posts: 10,003 |   #26
    Super Moderator


    Nice work!

    How come it's taken Eden almost a year to not fix small bugs like these?..

  8. Location: Scotland, UK | Posts: 17,063 |   #27
    I'm Delicious!


    Fantastic work yet again.

  9. Location: :noitacoL | Posts: 7,623 |   #28
    toopid idyot



  10. Location: New York, New York, New York, New York, New York, 'Muricuh | Posts: 3,426 |   #29
    2.5L EJ-2JZ <3


    Very nice! Hopefully TDU1's level of modding can take place soon! Keep it coming! +rep!

  11. Location: Amsterdam | Posts: 260 |   #30
    Test Driver


    Lol, very nice initiative. I just had the pleasure to meet a friend, Viltsua, who uploaded a nice cool challenge in the CRC that takes place On Eden island lol.
    It is called "Preparing for the real thing"
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