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    Default Crazy Hummer and Chrysler

    Was in a Hotel carpark and throught I would pst them. I normally hate cars like this, well I do but anyway.

    I think they belong to players from Portmouth FC becouse I saw campbell get out of a Porsche Cayenne there. Anyway, covered the number plates becouse they are not my cars but I don't think you would miss them.
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    Default Re: Crazy Hummer and Chrysler

    that chryslers sweet looking, i wish i owned that black rims too, thats niiiice

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    Default Re: Crazy Hummer and Chrysler

    Black rims on dark cars look nice too me, the Lac needs some bigger ones though.

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    Default Re: Crazy Hummer and Chrysler

    Not bad.. But not really my cup of tea.
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    Default Re: Crazy Hummer and Chrysler

    drug dealers cars *yawn*
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    Default Re: Crazy Hummer and Chrysler

    Quote Originally Posted by nipper »
    drug dealers cars *yawn*
    wouldnt be suprised if they were, tinted windows etc..

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    Default Re: Crazy Hummer and Chrysler

    Those are some nice cars, nice 300.

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    Mega bump and its blank, oh wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bostoncoupe »
    I'mguessing that was a mistake then right?
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    Wow that's the best we've seen so far... A 2 year 4 month bump...

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