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    Talking "The Only Ones Left" Trailer

    Trailer for the upcoming Team SlideWayz video, featuring members of Team SlideWayz, The D.U.I., Club Takashi, and the return of Hypnotize DRFT !

    Hope you all enjoy !
    GT- Da Kamp

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    That looks hot, can't wait to see it.

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    Can I join you guys?

  4. Da Kamp is offline Just a Skidmark
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    ummm idk carboy, send me a FR (Da Kamp), the video is already going to be very long, and i'd need you to demo your drifting abilities if you want to drift in the video, but if your not good enough we can have you part of the line-up we're gonna have on the roads during the tandems sections with the "Big Boys"
    GT- Da Kamp

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    thats look coool

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    Yeah thats cool!
    If you never own one you'll never know why

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    Awsome man
    Add Beav69 if you want to drift sometime


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