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    Default new years party

    well ive started cooking and preparing party food, for our new years bash...

    whats everyone upto later then ?>

  2. Microphone is offline #Myk2016
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    well im off to my scouse cousins and my parents are off into liverpool

    good look with the food

  3. Andreas¹ is offline Crazy Duck
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    Were also off to our cousins for some party! *Woo*

    Happy New Year everybody

  4. TOPGEAR DOG is offline Secretly a shoplifter!
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    Ill crash your party :-D

  5. TDU-RAZOR is offline Laid Back User
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    gate crashes are welcome - bring your own beer and bun

  6. TDU-RAZOR is offline Laid Back User
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    ok i got 1 hour to cook a dozen chicken drumsticks and make a hundred sandwiches, goto shop buy some beer/wine, take a shower, get changed, and prepare my party game, so TDU-RAZOR is signing off untill 2008

    bye folks - lets start drinking . . .

  7. Diablo is offline I'm Delicious!
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    See you Razor, we'll see you with full headache and a hangover in 2008 !
    I'm a bit mental.

  8. Baldy is offline Wibble Wobble
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    bye bye have fun
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

  9. hesonly5 is offline Hungry Hungry Hippos! :D
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    Heh, I'm sleeping. Hopefully the new year will bring a new healthy me :/

  10. Pherelas is offline I'm Going Slightly mad
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    My part y has just finsjed and i really should hazve not got so many drinks out as only two of us were drinking ,
    . . . . . . Why is it always a wrong number, what if there in the wrong house? . . . . . . .

  11. TDU-RAZOR is offline Laid Back User
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    Party food for sale !!!

    we have the following items for 24hr delivery:

    jam doughnuts
    cheese straws
    chicken drumsticks
    cheese sandwiches
    corned beef sandwiches
    a few chocolates
    mince pies
    half a huge bowl of pasta salad
    mini stonebaked pizzas
    very tiny amount of onion salad
    5 pieces of gorment chicken in herbs
    2 cans of lager
    1 bottle of shandy bass
    1 bottle of wine
    4 red pepper chicken fajithas (1 is partly eaten)

    the above items will be on ebay later today if your interested ?

    in the meantime im going to find something to do, i always get up extrememly early when i drink loads its wierd, can have 4 cans and sleep in like a baby, soon as i drink more i get up at dawn, wierd stuff...

  12. TDU 505 is offline Clinically Insane
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    gosh razor can u DHL or Fed it to Singapore?

  13. HSVxSEXY_TIME? is offline Ferrari F575 Maranello <3
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    ummmm my night was mental TBH

    basically it ended up, me and 5 mates getting CRUNK (crazy drunk)

    2 litres of stringbow each WKD and other things...

    not smug, but proud owner of a DFP.

    i'm happy with it!


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