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    Default 2 little questions

    hi guys i was just wonderin if:
    1. wat do u need 2 get on xbox live? i just got a 360 premium with the free month, and i wanna use it. plz give a list of wat you need for it.
    2. how do u make mega money? (e.g. 10 million)? i could really use it at the moment.bear in mind im only at pro level with a fully tuned 350z (r tune power)

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    1) well plug your eternet cable into your internet connection or modem, then you set your xbox live thingy to open, and then create your online account

    if your no way near your modem or no access to internet, plug it into your laptop, you can get a connection through there although its not the best

    2) you need to get to champion level to get easy quick money, but you just do races and you get some money, theres no cheats or glitches for money

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    a good way to generate money is to do the car delivery missions ... but ONLY finish them if you have a perfect 'health' on the car as then you get a lovely bonus AND YOU CAN ONLY COMLETE EACH EVENT ONCE!
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