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    Default 300 Offer Extended & XBL Video Store Update

    Due to another balls up by M$ and putting the SD version of 300 to 100M$ points instead of the HD the offer has been extended until midnight tonight (30/12/07).

    Also Other movies that where promised by the "inside xbox" thing like TMNT Movie and Warner Bro's movies should be here before the end of the year.

    Full Details from acebongos Community Manager, EMEA.

    Marketplace Update - 29/12
    I wanted to apologise again for the problems with the 300 special offer yesterday. It is now available in HD for 100 MS Points and we've extended the offer until midnight tonight, but we're really sorry that it took until last night to fix the pricing. Thanks for your patience and for letting us know about the problems you were having. As always, if you're having continued problems with downloading the flick please get in touch with your local Xbox Support.

    One other Video Store issue a lot of people have been asking about - in Inside Xbox last week we promoted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as being live on Video Store when it, er, wasn't. And then for a short period on last Thursday's Inside Xbox we promoted a new batch of Warner Bros. movies which, er, weren't available. These movies are coming (before the end of the year according to the press release we issued on December 11) and I'll let you know when they actually do go live. I'm really sorry for the confusion - I was caught out by this - and I'm going to do my best to ensure it doesn't happen again. Hopefully once the Christmas break is over everything will get back to normal...

    Couple of quick Marketplace updates from the last couple of days. Have a great weekend and I hope you've got some great plans for Hogmanay (that's what we call New Year's Eve in Scotland).
    • Bomberman Live - Bomb-up Pack 3: 250 MS Points and available everywhere.
    • Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements Demo Release Theme: Free and available everywhere
    UPDATED: 300 Special Offer

    I'd love to be reminding you that 300 is available in HD for only 100 MS Points from Video Store in the UK, France and Germany until midnight tonight, but unfortunately there's an issue with the offer. It seems that the SD version has been reduced to 100 MS Points instead. We're currently trying to get this sorted out, but in the meantime I'd like to apologise.

    I'll try to update you when I can. Thanks for your patience.

    UPDATE: Quick update - "The Xbox live team are aware of the issue and working to resolve. We apologies for any inconvenience."

    Will continue to update when I can. Apologies again.

    300 Special Offer - Pricing Issue Resolved, Offer Extended Until Midnight on Sunday December 30

    Thanks so much for your patience everyone, we're all really sorry that this has been a bit of a saga. However, as initially promised, 300 is now available to download from Xbox LIVE Video Store for 100 MS Points - in HD - and will be until midnight on Sunday December 30 (ie a midnight past 11.59pm today, Saturday December 29).

    This offer applies to Video Store in the UK, France, Germany and Ireland.

    Apologies once again for this. I really hope that you still get the chance to enjoy the movie!


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