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    Thumbs up Knyazev : TDU2 Universal Launcher [v3.5]

    TDU2: Universal Launcher
    v3.5 / January , 2015
    Author: Knyazev

    Official page: @

    This tool allows users to start TDU2 in either online or offline mode without checking the game files and checking for updates.
    This launcher will be very useful to those who use two or more versions of the game! (not unpacked/unpacked/without patches, etc.)
    Very important tool for mod-makers!
    Support the latest version of the game: TDU2 DLC2 v034 build 16
    Support the Steam-version of the game!

    Written on C# (.NET). Requires .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1).

    How to use:
    1. Unpack TDU2_Universal_Launcher.exe file in any folder.
    2. Run this TDU2_Universal_Launcher.exe file.
    3. Go to "Tool" -> "Settings", then select the TDU2 game folder and click "Save" button.
    4. Select the game mode: Online or Offline.
    5. Click on "Run Game!". The game will launch in a few seconds.
    -> Select the "Texmod", if you want to run game from Texmod utility.


    Version history:
    v3.5 / January 9, 2015
    * Fixed critical bug: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
    System.IO.IOException: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
    at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
    at System.IO.File.Move(String sourceFileName, String destFileName)
    at _UL_Functions._UL_Function.RunGame(Boolean console, String hash, String mode)
    at TDU2_Universal_Launcher.Program.Main(String[] Args)

    v3.4 / November 21, 2013
    * Fixed bug «Freezes Launcher» after launching the game in Windows 8.1
    * Small text corrections.

    v3.3 / August 13, 2013
    * Fixed some bugs
    * Fixed «Game updates» feature
    * New font in the GUI

    v3.2 / October 2, 2012
    * Fixed two critical bugs.
    * Fixed server status page.
    * Fixed game info page.

    v3.1 / July 9, 2012
    * Added feature: «Checking the game updates»
    * Some fixes in GUI.
    * Optimized code of the window: «Game information»

    v3.0 / July 8, 2012
    * New GUI
    * Support the latest version of the game: TDU2 DLC2 v031 build 15
    * Optimized & fixed the window: «Game information»
    * Optimized source code of the launcher.
    * New file with tool settings. Don’t compatible with settings of the older versions of the tool.

    v1.5 / December 15, 2011
    * Fixed issue with restoring default settings due moving exe-file of the tool.
    * Added startup splash-screen.
    * Now settings will be stored in:
    Win Vista/7/8 - C:\Users\*YOU_NAME*\AppData\Local\\TDU2\Universal Launcher\settings.xml
    Win XP - C:\Documents and Settings\*YOU_NAME*\Local Settings\\TDU2\Universal Launcher\settings.xml
    * It's encrypted version of the tool.
    * It's final version of the tool in v1.x serie (Maybe, next version will be started with 2.0 version)

    v1.4 / November 30, 2011
    * Deleted the file due some issues.
    * Settings now stored in another file.
    * Possible to launch steam-version of TDU2 through *.bat files.
    * Deleted tab "Game updates" in "Game information" window.

    v1.3 / November 21, 2011
    * Fixed security issue (now is Invoker type, not admin)
    * Added support the STEAM-version of the game.
    * Small changes in GUI

    v1.2 / November 12, 2011
    * Fixed issues with crashing app in x64/x86 OS.
    * Added the log system. (All bug reports will be stored in Errors.log file)
    * Tool stores the settings in the Config.ini file.
    * Used methods "try-catch" anywhere in the tool.

    v1.1 / November 11, 2011
    * Removed the system of automatic updates of the tool. (unstable work)
    * Tool re-written in the C# programming language (.NET)
    * More stable work of the tool.
    * More optimized code of the tool, than in the old 1.0 version.

    v1.0 / July 12, 2011
    * Changed the algorithm of launching the TDU2 game
    * Now launcher doesn't change a main game registry key
    * Launcher uses own registry keys for storing settings.

    You can launch the TDU2 game without starting my tool with GUI.
    Launch_Offline.bat - for starting game in Offline mode.
    Launch_Online.bat - for starting game in Online mode.
    *.bat files in archive.


    » Download page
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    Thanks for the update, realy is a must have for modders.

    I can't see the download link.


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    Download link in the first message in this topic
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    Great work!

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    Good job Knyazev
    All phases is done. Thanks.

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    great work, nice to see the creator follow and update his software!

    + rep
    Knee down

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    I'll be using it right now ! Thanks Knyazev


    unfortunately , can't start the app. I'm getting the message : 'TDU2 : Universal Launcher has stopped running'

    Are all libraries included in release ?
    Tested on my dev PC, so everything updated and .net 3.5 installed of course !
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    lemme try dis one

    e: Dang man!! This one's great for modders as they say!! and +rep to you mate!!
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    Nice work. Thanks for that!

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    great work very helpful

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