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    Default Xbox Live Guide [Request]

    Hey, I was wondering could anyone put up a little Xbox Live Guide on how to connect to it. I haven't bought Xbox Live yet because I haven't figured out to test the connection via your Xbox 360. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could make one.


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    Umm all I know, it's a bit complitcated, took a few hours to get it connected. Good thing you have been careful before getting it.

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    Mate, you need to make your sig smaller .... It's bigger than the 175px maximum forum height.
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    You should get a little booklet for cennecting it, if not it'll all be on the Xbox website. I'll try and find links later but i'm just going out I think.
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    Hmm iirc the Xbox website has a good guide on this, I'll see if I can find it.

    Yep here it is:
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    Do you have a router?Ethernet?

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    I have the ethernet cord that came with my 360 and yes I have a router


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