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    Default PC for my mum - help ...

    Not looking for much help, but me and dad are looking for a Laptop for around £500 for my mum. Has to be 15" + with Vista

    Mum will be using it for her business (well if that gets us discount). Lets see if we can get one whcih will just play TDU ... hmmmm

    That's all I've been told to look for...

    I'm looking through Dell's Notebooks and will move onto others soon

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Best I can come up with, bit of money left over too as I'm not 100% about the graphics card. See Here

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    Do not go with Dell. They have a lot of problems with laptops and I recommend going to HP.

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    Well we're going into City tomorrow, and going to try PC world. As the boxing Day sales are on Chance for me to spoil myself !!! (cheaply ish )
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    I know PC have a january offer for a meidem spec Laptop for £400 for Janary but that'll be sold out instanly and will be rubbish most probably, most stuff from PC world is lol.
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    get uh whaddaya call it...HP like carboy said...reliable..

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    £499.00 -

    Bought today, but as this was PC world's big seller, they'd run out. So we went down the road (about 20 yrds) to Comet, and bought it there.

    As some of you may not know, but they're sister companies (hence the similar prices and websites).
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    £200 off? Thats a lot of money, more than 2500 SEK :O


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