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    Default IPod Saves Life!

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    whats he doing with an ipod in a battlezone, next the troops will be playing psp whilst on patrol

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    Haha, that's actually a very good point

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    That's a goood Excuse for an Army Comander

    We have no Bullet proof vest so Bring your ipod

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    He probably wasn't listening to it, just left it in his pocket for when he was off duty.

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    Yer why can't they have I-Pods, must be quite boring out there when off duty so this is somthing. If he had it in that pocket he obviosly wasn't listening to it becouse the cable wouldn't streach down and round that far. Anyway don't know why im thinking about this, this much, good story.

    Wonder is they play shoot-em ups on psp's lol, must be quite disconcerting being shot when out there acctully doing it.
    . . . . . . Why is it always a wrong number, what if there in the wrong house? . . . . . . .

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    lol, lucky guy, really lucky guy


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