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    Default 2 for 20 - Call of Juarez, Gears of War 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Resident Evil...

    I was quite surprised to see the new game Call of Juarez in amongst this offer as I had heard it was a pretty decent game but then if it's not a FPS or another well known franchise people seem scared to pick it up. All the same if you're looking for some cheap gaming goodness then here's an option that's available to you. 2 for 20 Games
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    Some good games in there for the price. Shame only some of the games are for PS3 or just the PC.

    Although there are some things for under 10 yet when you order two things under 10 it charges you more.

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    This is a great deal, if I didn't already own the games I wanted from it I'd be on it. Might browse at work tomorrow and see if there is anything else I could play though for fun.

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