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    Default HSVxSEXY_TIME?'s photo thread

    these pics have all been resized to 800 x 600 to save peoples bandwidth

    these were just lying around in my photobucket, so i resized them and posted, i might do some specially done photos with more AA and maybe a couplke with HDR, but id have to go to the shoot, then set the HDR then take the pic cuz my PC won't run on HDR, nvm with 8X AA, for some reason the MC12 pics, they are at 800x600 but they are bigger then the rest =\

    but these are my pics anyways
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    i'm happy with it!

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    Very nice mate, especially the MC12 pics. love the MC12, in my opimion tis better than the Enzo by a mile!

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    Nice pics MC12 drift teams pics are cool
    I have the same yellow Maserati ^^

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    nice m8


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