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    Default [PC] Your Nat type is: PortRestrictedCone

    I've spend last hour or so trying to get that NAT thingy turn green, and I'm on the end of my rope. I have Billion Bipac 5200 RC, UPnP is enabled, ports 3478 and 8889 are open. And yet, UpLauncher still gives me that my NAT type is PortRestrictedCone. Any ideas?


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    Play something else?

    Sometimes a router reboot or an ipconfig release + renew does the trick (although mine stays green but just doesn't sign in), sometimes it's just dodgey for a week then fixes itself.

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    Maybe the launcher just doesn't recognize your router. I have the same 'problem', although ingame everything works fine. Do you see a lot of players bumping and flying all over the place?

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    Well, when i used my router without the ports forwarded, just uPnP, when i opened the launcher id have moderate cone or something, but if i closed the launcher and re opend id get green Full cone.
    Now i forwarded the ports, and kept uPnP tho, now its always green lol.
    Try using PF port checker to test if your ports are open (from the ones i tested, only that program gives me accurate results) And if they are, never mind the launcher

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    Thanks on your suggestions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza5 »
    Play something else?
    Best advice so far, but sadly I don't have anything else at the moment. So I'm stuck with TDU2. I'll try to renew my IP and see if it will have any impact.

    Yep, I got those bugs with flying cars couple of times already. They always make me laugh hard, lol.

    Tried to open/close it multiple times without no luck. Also, downloaded and tried to install PFPortCheck program you've recommended, but I can't install it. I just can't be bothered with it to tell the truth.

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    I had similar problem and found out problem was in firewall so I made new rule (Eset Smart security in my case) for Uplauncher, I think it is similar with Windows firewall. So when I press allow everything is green. But when I press deny everything goes red and go play offline without turning off my router. Hope it helps, druže
    TDU2 PC in-game nick: vrinho

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    People really shouldn't pay too much attention to it. Both the Game Server Available and the NAT type statuses are known to not be 100% applicable/correct. I have a NAT type of moderate cone or something but I have a perfect connection with most people (taking away the servers seem to be doing a destruction derby last few months), and when the servers are not available, the Launcher still says everything's ok.

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    I've had that error many times, but I don't think it affects gameplay that much. Sometimes I get the flying cars even when I'm in the green.

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    I'll double check my Windows Firewall settings, thanks for advice!

    Well I guess you are right, everything worked fine so far for me too. I'll just ignore it from now on.

    So it can happen even when in green? Good to know. I was affraid it has something to do with my NAT type, but obviously not.


    Thanks once again for your help!

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    Hehe - mine often says green but then I can't sign in beyond the Start screen.

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    watch this for how to open your NAT www youtube com /watch?v=THDwQj0eqmo


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