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    Default M. Schumacher gets a proper job

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Michael Schumacher can add the unofficial title of Germany's fastest taxi driver to his other achievements after taking over behind the wheel to get his family to the airport on time.

    The retired Formula One champion drove the cab back to the airport himself after a trip out to the village of Gehuelz, near Coburg in southern Germany, left the family short of time to make their flight home, the Muenchner Abendzeitung newspaper reported.

    "It was crazy having Schumi driving, with me in the passenger seat," the taxi driver was quoted as saying.

    The seven-times world champion, who stopped racing last year but is still involved in the sport as an occasional tester for Ferrari, gave the driver a 100 euro (71.76 pounds) tip on top of the 60 euro fare, the newspaper said.

    (Writing by Kevin Fylan, editing by Alan Baldwin)

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    I bet that made the taxi drivers day

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    the taxi driver was probably thrilled up until he realized the tires, gearbox, engine, brakes etc. were worn out after being pushed to within an inch of their life

    should it have Britain it would have been worse though, as he would have been clocked on 925 speed cameras across the country
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    Wow... the usefulness of being a 7 time F1 world champ... You get to drive anybody's car!

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