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    Default Good Cars with Mighty Accel and Top Speed

    Can ya list any for me?
    All I got is the Zonda...the Lambo is a bit too
    slow...plz tell me otherwise.
    Zonda, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche Lover. Europeans astound me, and I'm only a 14 year old American who watches Top Gear and is obsessed with video games.
    P.S.- It feels like I'm filling out my personals on some dating site (not that I have).

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    Mercedes SLR Mclaren
    Enzo Ferrari
    Koenigsegg CC8S

    Basically all the A class cars have good acceleration and a high top speed, you just need to find the one that suites you best

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    Chrysler ME-412
    Koenigsegg CC8S
    Enzo. Yeah there is more.

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    ummm TBH, the ferrari 575, the enzo, the MC12, basically, all the A class cars, except the 575 obv. thats class C but full tuned it pwns a stock enzo

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    The Skyline has good acc relative for its class, as does the Mustang GT. Another one with great acceleration (but horrible top speed) is the Caterham. Oh, and the Noble M12

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