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    Exclamation The 48 Best Games of 2008


    I'm looking forward to Far Cry 2 and PROJECT ORIGIN!!! I LIKES F.E.A.R . BABEH!!!

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    Midnight Club: LA looks interesting... GT5 is a must have if i had a PS3... But GTA4 really does take the cake

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon
    You're impossible, Mark
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    Impossible is nothing. Therefore I am nothing...

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    from that list the games im looking for is

    Burnout paradise
    Gran Turismo 5
    Midnight Club: LA
    Saints Row 2
    GTA 4

    i'll proberly buy a few others from that list but the ones above are the ones im looking forward too most

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    #26, Prototype, looks interesting. I'm thinking that's the closest game to GTA for PC.

    I know they port the GTA games on PC a year after it's release. DAMN IT!

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    Burnout Paradise

    Gran Turismo 5
    Midnight Club: Los Angeles
    Saints Row 2
    Grand Theft Auto IV

    I'm waitin for

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    GrandTrismo 5
    Midnight Club:Los Angeles
    TOm Clancey End War
    so so for Infamous
    GTA IV

    Thats what im gonna get When Realesed

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    Ninja Gaiden 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - My number 1 game of 2008!
    Alan Wake!!
    Resident Evil 5!!
    Silent Hill 5!!
    Splinter Cell: Conviction!!
    GTA: IV - purely for the online if it is in fact a full city to roam around.

    ^^^^ Those are the games I WILL be buying.

    Borderlands sounds interesting - 500,000 gun combinations?
    But come on - Saints Row 2 at 22? Killzone 2 at 4?!?!?!


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