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    Default Ford GT opinions

    way too underrated in my opinion
    i saw a video of it on youtube beating an enzo
    on the oahu raceway only had problems on
    the straightways, and it STILL was pretty close and
    giving the enzo one heck of a race!
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    Ford GT is my car of choice
    Its not much for top speed obviously, but I like the way it handles. By way of the game, its not technically the best handling car, but as far as driving technique goes... it is the easiest for me to throw around corners and maintain control.

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    An Enzo will beat a GT in Hardcore mode due to it's supreme handling and more easily controllable oversteer, however the GT is a good car but put both in the hands of those who can handle them and the Enzo will win by quite a margin too.
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    i quite like the GT myself, in HC mode tho, an Enzo would kill it

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    The GT is quite nice to drift and drive in both modes, even though they aren't the best for both and they understeer alot, it's a pretty good drifter for me and it's a nice car to drive. I love the GT like Jeremy, well until it breaks. lol

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    not a ford fan but love the gt when u start it it sounds like a hot rod from the 60's so i love the way it sounds

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    Yes, the sound is awesome

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    The GT is the best sounding car in the game! At least i thinK it is. Tip: If u rev it high enough and let off the throttle it will make that sound like its clearing its throat!Try It!!

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    Yer my favorite car and has the highest milage out of all my cars.
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