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    Default Cool Favicon!

    Just noticed it today. How long ago was it put in? And is it eventually going to be filled with something? It's just an outline!


    TDU2 '11 (we're hoping ^^)

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    It's our resident TDUCk. Look at the top left of the screen and you'll see it in a bigger format

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    Its the same duck image that is at the top left of the page......

    Its became are new logo
    Shinny Side Up

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    Yeah I know but wasn't it supposed to be filled with a duck?


    TDU2 '11 (we're hoping ^^)

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    Nope, this is the new one Looks better than the old one imo

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    I just figured out the silhouette, people have said it looks like TDUCk before but I couldn't make out the shapes until now. xD

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    I still can't make it out.

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    With Chrome all I see is the default vB logo. With FF, it looks like one of those blobs therapists show you and you make out what it is.. Looks like the island of O'ahu. haha

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    Meh, it's alright. Nice to finally have one. xD

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