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    How about starting our own TOP times section? It would be nice to race some of the single player races again but it's a bit boring when there's no challenge. TDU Central TOPLIST would bring the challenge for it again.

    I'm not sure if the games are any different in PC and XBOX360 but we could still have different time boards for each platform. Or just one for all. TOPLIST could be a thread here in these forums or it could be separate "application". I can do it if no one else wants to.

    There has to be proof of your time (photo?) and times could be divided between cars or at least classes depending how popular this comes.

    What do you think?

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    I think it's a great idea... How fast can you complete the Millionaire's Challenge? Interesting thought... And we'd all get money for doing the races again

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    well i spose, its nothing like what your suggesting but iv done a timed lap on oahu raceway in an MC12 HC mode with sport setting, 1:59 and that is a slow lap, including drifting by accident but then just carrying the drift on, and i agree, it seems like a good idea

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    i'm happy with it!

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    Are there going to be specific races? Or is it free for any race?
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    Don't know. I think it could be open for any race.

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    It could work well, maybe when the site is launched (yes it is still on it's way) there could be a leader board page.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    That would be great if it would be integrated to the rest of the site and to our user accounts here in forums.


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