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    Default BFG Victory tour

    BFG Victory tour
    BFGoodrich is organising the BFGoodrich Victory Tour to celebrate the make's 1,000th victory in motor sport. This exclusive event will be visiting five major European cities. You will have a chance to discover the history and the legend of BFGoodrich, share the experiences of some of the greatest rally drivers and discover the very secret world of motor sport.
    The victory tour is visiting the UK between 20 and 22 Nov. Come and see us at the Lakeside shopping centre Thurrock (M25 Jct 30/31 )
    Wander round our 2000m2 village dedicated to BFGoodrich's 1000 victories on every kind of surface. Watch the thrills and spills of rallying on a giant 360o screen
    Visit the dedicated website here and find out more.

    Edit: just relised its finishing tonight but it is touring and going to Germany, then France, then Italy and then Spain.
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    Good info if a bit late more most people on forum Still a lot of people from other places I know but France and Germany are big places lol. Anyway +rep if I can.
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    I didnt even know it was on until I got called to lakeside on a job on the Thursday.

    For the poelpe abroad if you click on the link it tells you exactly where it is in germany, france etc.


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