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    Default High Mileage Motors

    Ok, so its not really a dealership on my part like other users have, but a open topic for sale of/request of high mileage vehicles. I know some people like to collect/obtain/distribute high mileage cars.

    Ill help out as much as I can, dependant on what cars people want and at what mileage. Obviously high mileage cars will be setting you back a fair amount on top of the new price of a car, but then think of the man hours and the heritage you get with a car like it.

    I'd say 1000 miles should be a minimum for sales/requests, as this is what Id consider high mileage atleast.

    If people want, to make life easier, Ill edit this post with cars available and mileage. I may also recommend offers being taken/given on the price to pay for cars, rather than trying to set prices. We'll see how it goes.

    Format for car listing:
    Car make and model (Tuning) - Mileage [Person to contact for the car]

    Cars for sale:
    Ferrari Enzo (Stage 3) - 1000 miles [Myself]

    Cars wanted:
    [None to date]

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    Default Re: High Mileage Motors

    i would love if you could find me a over 1000 mile car, I want a car that has the most miles out of all of them i.e. 100,000 miles.
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    Default Re: High Mileage Motors

    i want a 575marnello with over 1000, ill give you 2mill for it

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    Default Re: High Mileage Motors


    McLaren F1 Stage 3 (1586 miles) - $1,600,000


    Enzo Stage 3 (1500 miles) - £1,400,000

    Thats what I have if your intressted. Trying to get rid of them.
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