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    Default Breaking the 300mp/h barrier: The Vector WX-8

    Yes, Vector is back!
    Their new WX-8 will produce 2000bhp and would be breaking the 300mph barrier! Sick!

    (Supra headlights ftw... )

    Awesome! Looks aren't bad for an American car

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    I'll believe it when I see it ... Vector have been known to exagerate their bhp and top speed

    ugly beast isn't it ... not a patch on the AW-8 Vector

    I do like the poke at Lambo tho with the reference to aircraft tech
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    For a min there, I thought you'd posted a Vectra breaking the 300mph barrier xD

    Mean looking car. Wouldn't like to have one parked in my drive though.
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    LOL, imagine the Vectra breaking the 300MPH barrier.
    "Vauxhall Vectra Is Now The Fastest Car in the World with a Top Speed of 320MPH"'

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    If I ever make my million i'm going to have to try that, dosn't matter that its not possible really.
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    Wonder how bumpy it would 300 mph?

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    Default says that it will only do 260-270 mph with proper gearing. Also it states that it's not particularly quick to 60mph
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    I Feel sick what a nasty looking car


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    I want those alloys!

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    Completely mental... Still, at least some competition for the Veyron, and it looks a heck of a lot better than the SSC Ultimate Aero

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    The 1st pic makes me think it should be the Batmobile.

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    Steering would be light at that


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