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    Default Game perfection FAQ

    Maybe I am just blind but I can't find a detailed description of what to download when you want your game as best as possible.

    So when someone is starting of the game as bought in the stores. On this forum I frequently read about the 360 version in which you have to buy cars? But what should I do when I have for example the PC version? Do I have to download certain patches or further updates?

    As already said, I can't be wrong. Sorry if I am, but please give me a link to that topic.

    Kind Regards, Thom

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    There are no DLCs for the PC, however there is a patch which you have to d'load before you can get TDU online properly. the link for the patch is here -

    So really that is it.

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Mole
    The Test Drive Unlimited PC-DVD patch has been released following the successful completion of the standard rigorous testing procedures at Atari to ensure the highest quality possible for the players.

    Included with the patch are two brand new cars completely free, the Audi RS4 and Nissan Skyline R34.

    Players must not tweak any of the files of their games, even save games, as it may prevent your game from launching / connecting online.

    The patch features a number of improvements and addresses a number of important issues, including cheat prevention, as follows:

    • Anti Cheat measures implemented throughout the game
    • Fully reworked save system. Profiles can not be corrupted anymore (note: players will not be able to load a corrupted savegame.)
    • Fixed crashes and improved stability everywhere in the game
    • Fixed bug when a 'New game' is created with an online profile (remanent information)
    • Improved online code (better management of lobbies, optimization of freeride sessions, “isolate” feature of the free ride improved)
    • Fixed various bugs in drive in (linked with scores and cars)
    • Fixed traffic cars flying around
    • Fixed bug on multi-threading code
    • Fixed some crackering/stuttering sound issues
    • Fixed bugs in photo mode
    • Fixed some corruption on car graphics
    • Improved volume balance and bass power

    Performance issues with Saitek2600 controller: Atari is aware of significant loss of frame rate if the user removes the Saitek P2600 controller during game play.

    Performance issue with MS Sidewinder Wheel: Atari is aware of low frame rate with MS Sidewinder. Please note that Microsoft no longer supports the use of such peripheral under Windows XP.

    Quote Originally Posted by kalniel
    A number of people are having problems with patching and/or uninstalling and reinstalling, some of which appear to be down to problems the game has dealing with files that are in use/aren't where it thinks they are.

    To have the best chance of avoiding these problems, I recommend following the procedure below. Usual disclaimers of your mileage may vary and not accepting any liability for doofing your computer up apply, but this helped me.

    Registry checking
    Before either patching or uninstalling I recommend players rebuild the information in their registry so that it has the correct information about TDU. The simplest/safest way of doing this is using Desrat's excellent TDU Registry Fixer which you can find here
    (info here)

    Even if the tool finds no errors I recommend resetting the TDU entry and having the tool rebuild it.

    Important: Don't attempt to patch the game while it's still running!

    The best way to patch is to ignore the ingame prompt to patch - press cancel and exit the game. Then download the patch from Atari directly from this website:

    Before running the patch from this file, reboot your computer. This ensures that TDU is well and truly clear before patching.

    Now run the file and you should be patched and ok to go.

    As a precaution, make a folder on your c: drive called 'bootbackup' or something. Make sure you can see all hidden and system files (tools->folder options, view tab) and then copy all the files (not directories) that are at the base of c: into this bootbackup folder.

    Again if you've run TDU this session, reboot your computer before uninstalling. Then uninstall using the uninstall TDU option from your games start menu shortcut - this is preferable to windows' add/remove program method.

    Do not reboot your computer without checking your base c: again - if the system files (boot.ini etc) have disappeared copy them back from your bootbackup folder.

    We're not done yet though, make sure you can see hidden files and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

    If you see a Test Drive Unlimited folder delete it. This is a vital step especially if you are planning to re-install the game or you've been having crashes.

    You will also have a Test Drive Unlimited folder in your My Documents - if you want to keep your save game data you can leave this alone and your new install will pick up fine - this doesn't need to be deleted. However if you want to clear all trace of TDU from your computer you'll need to delete this as well.
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    Ok a very clear answer Bullet! I just couldn't find my way in al those 'Update' topics!

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    *updated previous post with Patch and uninstall guidance*

    Well technically the quotes are from the offficial atari forum, as thats the best place for tech help. Even though Diablo (owner of this fourm) helped there last time I had a problem rofl!
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    Nice overview! It is al lot more clear for me now and I think for more people! Many thanks again!

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    I think my post was made into a sticky by a mod. -

    It really confussed me when a thread appeared with me as the original poster .. and I dont rmember typing it, so it musta been a mod
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