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    Default The Gunpowder Plot: Exploding the Legend

    This is a TV show for thoughs of you who havn't seen it that was recorded a few years ago about firework night. I havn't seen it yet but it is suppose to be very very good.

    "Richard Hammond introduces an investigation into Guy Fawkes' treasonous scheme, which was attempted 400 years ago. To discover the repercussions had the plot been successful, an exact replica of the House of Lords is built, 17th-century gunpowder is sourced, and the fuse is lit. A dramatic reconstruction follows events as King James I and his government are assassinated, and Fawkes and his cohorts make their escape"

    Its on ITV 4 at 9 O' clock if your intressted, i'll certainly be watching though prison break is back on which is a pain.
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    Yes this is good, watched it last year I think when it was first on, possibly the year before, might even tune in again simply because the explosion is really good

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