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    Default What makes a good driver in this game?

    People keep on talking about how this person is a good driver
    and this person and so on, but I really can't tell how to be a good driver.
    Please tell me.
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    - Don't push your car too hard, be gentle (this sounds weird, but it works).
    - Try and keep speed in your corners, but not too fast (how I get top 100 times ).
    - Try and avoid crashing completely, this will make you much faster, as crashing slows you down immensely.

    Just a few things I have picked up while having my time on a plethora of PC driving games, such as TDU, DiRT, rFactor, LFS, GTR2 etc.

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    For this game, don't turn while braking, it slows you down quite a bit. Having said that, I should probably also add: Brake early, and brake when in doubt. Also, having an Analog controller (i.e. a Gamepad or wheel) makes turning and throttle control MUCH easier.... Although I say all this, I don't always listen to my own advice, and I'm stuck with a lousy keyboard... TDU was easier on my friend's Xbox360...

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    I agree,

    - Also having a rig with a controllable FPS such as around 17-25 minimum allows for easy control and much better prediction of traffic and other vehicle movment.
    - If you brake too late, it may literally be too late and you'll fly off, or smash into some trees.
    - I definately try to avoid coming off the road, even if it's going onto the grass, as going through trees means you're very likely to crash, and stop.
    - I use the car reset button as soon as i can if i go off
    - Just pacing and going very fast and learning when to break worked for me.
    - I find you don't need to break in some corners, you can go flat out, thats how I do alot of overtaking, as n00bs break, but lots of corners look sharper than they actually are, however this does work vise versa
    - Just playing this game a lot will make you aware of how to control

    I really damage my NFS controlling when I play TDU, and it works the other way, so I advice not playing both a lot at same times.
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    I don't know anything about driving in TDU yet, but I know the most important thing in other racing games is your knowledge of the area/track your are driving. As Iced_Bullet says in some corners he can go flatout while other players brake. This only can be because he knows the corner way better than those so called n00bs...

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    I was never great but could get round corners in cruises eventully. All I can say is practise and experiment. Don't try racing lines becouse everytime there will be a car someing out of a junction, and just be sensible as crashing slows you down more than going that little bit slower. All I can say really, have played the game quite a lot and have compleated it but thats compleatly different from getting into the scoreboards like you seem to want to do, that requires skill, driving without crashing requires pratise and no skill.
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    To answer the original question ..........

    not crashing.
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    Racing line normally works for me on corners which you can see far ahead, as i normally cut into the opposite hard-shoulder, and then asses the situation after i make the corner, as to whether I can move out again or not. If there's a car there, then I just stay in the shoulder.

    Plus, yes, eventually getting to know the popular corners means you can take more "risks" in your racing.

    I seem to be really good at mountain racing, as i take racing line as long as i can see, I have an incredibale amount of luck, and also braking late and digging the front of the car into the corner works. [This last papargraph is only for mountain racing]
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    to be good on this game, set your controls sensibly, try keep it pretty gruoped for most of them on keyboard, iv found if you have FPS WASD controls for accelerate etc its good, and make your gears and lean controls on the opposite side, gear up numpad 8 and gear down numpad 2, i have gotten used to this kind of set-up, but basically, get to know the area and roads you are driving or are likely to drive alot quite early, get used to driving with the handling the game has and dont be too excited when doing corners or overtaking, i have made lots of mistakes when doing corners are overtaking, and also dont assuming that because your goign a fair bit faster then a person infront of you doesnt mean you just go straight thru them, iv also made mistakes this way

    basically, just try be neat and tidy, never overcorrect, and dont be too cockey when driving at pace with people

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