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    can u please send me the fame @ ?

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    Which frame?

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    Sorry ... what's fame? Please elaborate on this
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    I think he's asking for the 'game' which is weird cause he can just buy it for not a lot of money nowadays. If he's looking for it via the other methods then that discussion is not permitted here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaRRaC »
    Hey man ,
    is not that i have no $$$
    its just that i cant find it around in singapore
    Pls send 2 me @
    Dude, have you ever actually gone out to find the game lately? Go to Funan Mall, plenty of shops there sell it (Challenger, PK Computer, E2000, Gamescore etc etc etc)
    Like you said, money's no object... It will set u back about S$55 or 56 if I remember correctly...

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    Thanks Car Freak for stepping in mate. +rep!
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    Buy online if you can't buy in the shops and can't you buy a download now? It costs sod all anyway. Not being able to buy it is a poor excuse.

    I take it this is legal as your paying full price and seems legit. Never used it, anyone tried?
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    Please stop spamming the forum with this CaRRaC as it won't get you anywhere. No one is going to send you the game as (most people have said) piracy is not allowed on this forum

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    We will keep the thread open for now as we are trying to help CaRRaC. But any talk about piracy thread will be closed.
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