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    Default Trackmania nations

    Is there amyone who plays trackmania nations on a regular basis?

    I am a huge fan of the game and I'm getting United when it comes out.

    If you are you'll probably find me on the finland server which ends in .net and is in yellow.

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    Default Re: Trackmania nations

    i use to but got a bit to repetative even with custom maps
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    I used to play Trackmania United till i had to format my HDD a few months back & lost all my custom cars & tracks etc. Since that i've been too lazy to reinstall it.

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    i play TMN a lot
    i'm in a team cauld the Babsoteam : BST
    my world rank is about 4370
    the servers i usualy go to are laps servers , and i have just discovered "Heavens doors" in germany
    it's got a rank limit a 7000
    i win a lot of points there
    (lol old topic )

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    I played TMN during TMS>TMU transition. But now I only play TMU !

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    Back in the day I played it, got good, (20 thousandth in the world) then moved. Stopped playing it, started again after a while (60 thousandth by then) and gave up after a while.



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