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    Default expensive centipede (joke)

    bloke see's an advert in a pet shop. talkin centipede 5000. he buys it takes it home in a small box
    and after about 30mins opens the box and asks if it would like to go to the pub,the centipede doesn't
    answer, raising his voice he repeats the question, still no reply. gettin angry'er thinking he's been done he shouts the question at which the centipede sticks his head out of his box and says "i heard you the first time,i was getting my shoes on .

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    . . . . . . Why is it always a wrong number, what if there in the wrong house? . . . . . . .

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    Nice nursery joke

    Joking, made me laugh.

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    That was poor, lol.

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    cheap! joo deserve a slap!
    Formerly Crazed Dodgem/Lwsbrck

    I'm not dead!

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    haha the second funiest thing i heard all day After my geog trip (but that a long story haha)

    +rep cos im nice

    e: but guess what, i need to spread.
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.


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