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    Default TDU First PGR night

    well seeing as PGR is finally released in europe tommorow thought i would organize a group to see how good this game really is, by hosting a friendly racing night, where we will test all of its features and cars/bikes, and see what this game has to offer

    just put down your name/GT and what time would be best for you to do this. and i will update this, with a time that will hopefully suit everyone!

    1. Khevolution
    2. Nige7
    3. Baldred
    4. Nodz86
    5. Hybrid_IV

    Reserves: N1PPER
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    Anytime after 9pm is cool with me !
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    baldy, anytime after you've seen me post on the forum
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    I'm in might not be on for long but I'll definately be there, should be on about 6pm for a little while, then back on on about 10ish for most of the night/early hours.

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    Count me in ... anytime from 9-10pm sounds cool ... gives me time to have some food and give career mode a blast, not going out tonight as I've got the start of Man-Flu
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    Aww damn, shame I can't make it

    Unless it's before 6pm I won't be there (most likely not anyway)....

    I ''may'' be home before it ends though.... if you are going to play til past 12?

    put me down as a reserve/maybe if you don't mind
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    well i think im gonna spend most of the night with this game, so if you do fancy joining me in a race give me a message and i'll set up a game for everyone


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