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    Default OMG Theme Park Ownage Video

    107 Flips on top Spin Ride:
    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.[b]


    Quote Originally Posted by DragonKhan2000 -
    A few members of ride the "Top Spin" at "Serengti Park", Germany, in manual mode.
    The result are 107 flips (63 forwards, 44 backwards).
    World record?
    And no, nobody puked! They were all perfectly fine!!!


    More Information at:


    BTW: Don't mind the counting error at the beginning, we can't count ^^


    The Crew:

    Back Row:
    -, -, -, -, Dominic (Moviexpress), -, Marius (Ahriman), Steven (tweek1303), Moritz (Muzze), Tim (TimD1989), -, -, -, -

    Front Row:
    ?, Ulrich (Bullrich), Markus (DelLagos), Tim (Cartmandsl), Christian (DaVinci), Andreas (duddi), Nicole (Guest), Tamara (LadyKaurwaki), Susi (Feles-Lucinia), Manuela (Paige), David (CivilServant), Kevin (countryboy0508), Alexander (Coaster-rider), Guido (Guest)
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    It was 108 mate but dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn that was nuts. Amazing none of them had to throw up right as it stopped. Credit where credits due for that one!

    Scrap the counting error, read the description at youtube.
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    Well the video title is 107 flips! I was't gunna try and prove them wrong

    E: just finished readin your psot didnt read last line xD
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Rides like that are great but that was a bit extreame, nice find.
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